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Host: Jennifer Griggs

Jennifer Griggs is an award-winning physician, teacher, and mentor as well as an experienced trauma-informed leadership coach and sought-after speaker. She has conducted research for over 30 years on inequities in cancer care and patient-clinician communication. Jennifer leads a remarkable team of over 20 people working to improve the quality of care across Michigan. She is known for her ability to listen deeply, to find meaning in metaphors, and to ignite and sustain teams.

Jennifer grew up in Rochester, New York and studied at Mount Holyoke College, the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SUNY Buffalo), the University of Rochester, and Columbia University. She and her husband have two daughters and a small dog, Daisy (stage name Daze-E), and live in the woods among songbirds and oak trees.

The Dignity Lab Team

Vanessa Aron - The Dignity Lab Podcast Team

Vanessa Aron


Vanessa (she/her), who earned her film degree from the University of Michigan, has been involved in various podcasts, including The Michigan Oncology Quality Consortium’s (MOQC) Ovarian Cancer Education Podcast. She enjoys blending her creative talents with her organizational abilities to make visions a reality. In her spare time, Vanessa is a knitter, a reader, a yoga instructor, and a general lover of laughter.

Lizzie Abernathy - The Dignity Lab Podcast Team

Lizzie Abernathy


Bio Coming Soon!

Pete Carty - The Dignity Lab Podcast Team

Pete Carty

Audio Engineer

I'm a graduate of The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, with 25 years in media (TV, film, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.) I'm a field recordist (think photographer, but with sound) and a National Park enthusiast.

Amy "Amz" Maeder

Website Designer

Since 2004 Amy (aka Amz) has worked strategically with business owners of all types to establish their brands, expand their audience reach, and get their message out to the world. Amy really enjoys working with positive people who are providing products and services that help others. In her spare time, Amy loves gardening and plants, cats (she has three!), playing guitar and making art.

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