Episode 10: Dignity Puddles with Jennifer and Vanessa

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In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Griggs and Vanessa Aron discuss the key takeaways from the first season of the Dignity Lab podcast. They explore the complexity of dignity and how it is inherent in each of us. They also discuss the importance of naming and feeling dignity, and the relationship between leadership and honoring dignity. The conversation delves into the vulnerability of dignity, the role of emotions in recognizing violations of dignity, and the connection between love and dignity. The hosts share wishes for the listeners and invite them to share their favorite episodes and key takeaways.

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Vanessa Aron


  • Dignity is inherent in each of us and is both essential and vulnerable to harm.
  • The concept of dignity is complex and involves not only our own dignity but also the dignity of others and the interactions between them.
  • Naming and feeling dignity are important in recognizing violations and honoring dignity.
  • Leadership and honoring dignity are closely linked, and leaders have a responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect.
  • Recognizing violations of dignity is easier than recognizing when dignity is honored.
  • Dignity is amplified in power imbalances and can be preserved through boundaries and love.
  • Love is at the core of everything we do and can sustain us in difficult situations.
  • Changing the story we tell ourselves about ourselves is important in reclaiming our dignity.
  • Listeners are invited to share their favorite episodes and key takeaways and to share their own dignity dilemmas or stories of reclaiming dignity.


00:00 The Complexity of Dignity
02:23 Revolution and Dignity
03:22 Naming and Feeling Dignity
05:42 Leadership and Honoring Dignity
08:05 Recognizing Violations vs. Honoring Dignity
10:24 Dignity in Power Imbalances
20:38 Changing the Story of Dignity
23:38 Inviting Listener Engagement


Exploring what it means to live and lead with dignity at work, in our families, in our communities, and in the world.

What is dignity? How can we honor the dignity of others? And how can we repair and reclaim our dignity after harm? Tune in to hear stories about violations of dignity and ways in which we heal, forgive, and make choices about how we show up in a chaotic and fractured world.

Hosted by physician and coach Jennifer Griggs.

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