Episode 17: Restorative Justice with Dan Green

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In this episode, Dan Green, Assistant Director at the University of Michigan’s Office of Student Conflict Resolution, delves into restorative justice principles and practices.

Dan recounts his journey into restorative justice, emphasizing its balance of high support and accountability. He explains how it creates a platform for discussing harm and restoration among all parties. The episode covers the types of complaints his office handles, challenges in implementing restorative justice, and the significance of early harm intervention. Dan differentiates between retribution and restoration and addresses power imbalances in restorative processes.

Using personal anecdotes, Dan illustrates the humanizing effect of restorative justice and the crucial role of community. He highlights the importance of emotional self-regulation, safety, and trust-building. This episode underscores the transformative power of restorative justice in promoting understanding, healing, and peace.

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  • Restorative justice combines high support with high accountability, allowing for dialogue on harm and restoration.
  • Early and frequent harm intervention can prevent conflicts and strengthen relationships.
  • The punitive justice narrative hinders restorative justice implementation.
  • “Calling in” fosters growth and inclusion for those who have caused harm.
  • Restoration aims to reintegrate individuals into the community, contrasting with punishment-focused retribution.
  • Restorative justice humanizes and empowers individuals in the healing process.
  • Community involvement is vital, fostering trust and connection.
  • Emotional self-regulation enables respectful and constructive expression.
  • Safety and trust are essential for effective restorative justice.
  • Restorative justice leverages community power to address harm, rebuild trust, and promote peace.

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