Episode 2: Leading with Dignity with Donna Hicks

Dr. Donna Hicks, an expert on dignity, discusses the concept of dignity and its role in conflicts. She defines dignity as our inherent value and worth as human beings and describes how vulnerable our dignity is to violations. Dr. Hicks describes her research on the elements of dignity. She emphasizes the importance of treating others with dignity and the power of connection and love in human relationships. Dr. Hicks also explores the impact of power on dignity and the need for leaders to understand and honor the dignity of their followers. She concludes by discussing the potential for personal growth and healing through the recognition and restoration of dignity.

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Hosted by physician and coach Jennifer Griggs.

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00:00 Introduction to Dignity

01:11 Definition of Dignity

04:01 Distinguishing Dignity from Respect

05:29 Learning Dignity

06:58 Recognizing Dignity Violations

09:24 Dignity in Conflict Resolution

10:44 Dignity in Rebuilding Relationships

12:13 Dignity and Healing

13:11 Identifying the Elements of Dignity

15:35 The 10 Elements of Dignity

20:28 Leadership and Dignity

23:51 Cruelty and Dignity

26:44 Empathy and Dignity

28:33 Restoring Dignity in Relationships

30:21 Dignity and Love

32:43 Deepening the Understanding of Dignity

34:09 Changing and Leading with Dignity

36:03 Giving and Receiving Feedback with Dignity

38:51 Dignity as Connection and Love

40:46 The Deeper Knowledge of Dignity

Exploring what it means to live and lead with dignity at work, in our families, in our communities, and in the world.

What is dignity? How can we honor the dignity of others? And how can we repair and reclaim our dignity after harm? Tune in to hear stories about violations of dignity and ways in which we heal, forgive, and make choices about how we show up in a chaotic and fractured world.

Hosted by physician and coach Jennifer Griggs.

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