Episode 9: Contagious Dignity with Anese Cavanaugh

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In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Griggs interviews Anese Cavanaugh, CEO of Active Choices, about the importance of presence, the feminine and masculine energies in leadership, and the role of grief in healing. Anese shares her personal journey of choosing happiness and the power of being intentional and present in creating one’s own happiness. They discuss the misconceptions around presence and the importance of self-care in leadership. They also explore the impact of busyness on dignity and the contagious nature of presence.

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Anese Cavanaugh


  • Happiness is a choice that can be made by being present and intentional about what you want to create in your life.
  • Presence and intentionality are key leadership skills that require being authentic, real, and grounded.
  • Self-care is a crucial leadership skill that allows for better relationships and the ability to honor the dignity of others.
  • Busyness can be a threat to presence and dignity, and it is important to create space for thoughtful and conscious conversations.
  • Grief is a necessary part of healing, and it is important to honor and process the pain before moving forward. Grieving and being witnessed are essential for healing from trauma.
  • Balance between masculine and feminine energy is important in leadership.
  • Toxic behavior in organizations needs to be addressed.
  • Personal growth is an ongoing process.
  • Self-care is crucial for well-being and success.


00:00 Introduction
14:51 Misconceptions about Presence and Authenticity in Leadership
33:43 Grieving and Being Witnessed in Healing
40:21 Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy in Leadership
47:36 Addressing Toxic Behavior in Organizations
55:21 The Ongoing Journey of Personal Growth
01:04:28 The Importance of Self-Care for Well-Being and Success

Exploring what it means to live and lead with dignity at work, in our families, in our communities, and in the world.

What is dignity? How can we honor the dignity of others? And how can we repair and reclaim our dignity after harm? Tune in to hear stories about violations of dignity and ways in which we heal, forgive, and make choices about how we show up in a chaotic and fractured world.

Hosted by physician and coach Jennifer Griggs.

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