Episode 15: Narrative Dignity with Sejal Shah

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In this episode of The Dignity Lab, Dr. Jennifer Griggs interviews Sejal Shah, author of This is One Way to Dance and How to Make Your Mother Cry.

They discuss the concept of dignity and its importance in storytelling and personal healing. Sejal shares her experiences of reclaiming dignity after professional setbacks and how writing has been a pivotal tool in her journey. They also explore themes of invisibility, hypervisibility, and the healing power of dance.

Sejal emphasizes the importance of storytelling in reclaiming dignity, discussing her essays on invisible disability and neurodiversity. She reads passages from her new book, providing insight into her writing process and the personal experiences that shape her work. The conversation touches on the impact of community support, the challenges of navigating identity, and the power of personal expression.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sejal Shah shares her journey of reclaiming dignity while healing from personal and professional setbacks.
  • Sejal’s essay on invisible disability resonated widely, leading to many speaking engagements.
  • Invisibility and hypervisibility are recurring themes in Sejal’s experiences.
  • Dance serves as a powerful means of reclaiming body dignity for Sejal.
  • Sejal reads passages from her book, How to Make Your Mother Cry.
  • Community support helped Sejal navigate professional challenges and reclaim self-worth.
  • Storytelling is crucial for reclaiming dignity and becoming the subject of one’s narrative.
  • Personal expression and creative outlets are important for healing and self-affirmation.

Exploring what it means to live and lead with dignity at work, in our families, in our communities, and in the world.

What is dignity? How can we honor the dignity of others? And how can we repair and reclaim our dignity after harm? Tune in to hear stories about violations of dignity and ways in which we heal, forgive, and make choices about how we show up in a chaotic and fractured world.

Hosted by physician and coach Jennifer Griggs.

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