"What a rich and wonderful production you created! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it. It's truly an honor, and I hope we can continue our interactions in the future."
"Jennifer, thank you for the opportunity. It was so interesting listening to myself and hearing what I think. You brought out the best in me. Your questions were perfect, your prompting graceful, and you have a beautiful voice.."

"Hello! I just saw the post on Instagram about this week's guest, and I immediately went to listen to it. I just finished it and had to come share my positive energy over the episode 🙂

I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In facing this process, I find that I am unearthing all of my shadows and energies in order to clean house and move forward. Every. Single. Thing. In this week's episode resonated with me so much that I started writing keywords on a piece of paper to remember what I wanted to say about the interview -Grief, Sick of My Story, Witness, etc.

One thing that stuck with me was the discussion about mental health and experiences of young nurses and professionals in the healthcare industry. I taught High School literature for 5 years, and that expectation of burden is rampant in that profession as well. Sadly, I left the profession disappointed on a very deep level with the entire system, and the correlation is not lost on me that healthcare and education are both highly empathetic professions.

To enhance the feeling of alignment, the next episode started while I was transitioning tasks, and I could immediately relate to the theme of Identity after retirement. (I stopped teaching in January due to the MS. Let me just say, this is *not* how I thought retirement would look!)

Anyhow, I am just thrilled that I made so many connections to this episode. Thank you for the work you are all doing!"

Tanya Davidson
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